Component Modelling of Virtual Lab [1]

This topic become my final project in my campus. Firstly, I’m very confused about this topic. But in my mind i always keep spirit to face and solve this topic.

Beside the topic, It’s become interesting because of our supervisor. She has been guided us and given many advice, support, and idea.

The first step we have do to solve this project is make a survey to many school around our campus PI Del. The target schools are SMA N 2 Soposurung Balige, SMA N 1 Laguboti, and last SMA N 4 Pematangsiantar. Make some interview to some teachers in that schools.

And then we analyse the component from real laboratory and then compare that to virtual laboratory. At last we have 4 components in virtual lab. They are :
1. Actors like students, teachers, laboratory assistent, and administrator.
2. Inventory that consists of substances and equipments.
3. Lab Room that decorated with the furniture that have chair, table, and another thing that we can found in virtual lab.
4. Activity, this component consist of 3 mains point. They are make reaction, answer questions, and make observation. [CONT]



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